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Top 5 Leaf Raking Hacks

Fall brings so many fun activities our way!  From apple picking and football games to everything pumpkin! However, fall also brings one activity that not many people are fans of… Leaf Removal. This task can be one of the most tedious and time-consuming outdoor chores!

If you are going to spend your weekends raking leaves, then you should be aware of the correct tips and tricks in order to save time and allow you to enjoy everything fall has to offer. You should be raking your leaves the smart way to save yourself time this year.  Below are a few do’s and don’ts for an easier fall clean-up this year!

1. Upgrade Your Rake

If you plan on raking your leaves, a good rake can make all the difference. Not only will it help save you time but the process will go much more smoothly. Most wood or metal rakes will get the job done well.  Heavy-duty, plastic rakes can be useful too.

2. Save Time With A Tarp

Having to bag your raked leaves can add time to an already time-consuming task. You can save time by raking leaves onto a trap and then transport the tarp.  A tarp can be reused over multiple years and will make any leaf clean up easier!

3. Timing is Important

The best time of day to rake leaves is in the mornings.  And avoid raking leaves after rainfall. Wet leaves are a lot heavier and will require more effort to rake.  The drier the leaves, the easier they will be to rake.

4. Let Your Kids Help

Leaf raking is the perfect outdoor home chore that your children can help with.  Kids can make excellent leaf rakers.  And even if the job is not done perfectly, any bit of effort can be helpful when raking a large amount of leaves!

5. Order Plowz & Mowz Leaf Removal

It only takes 60 seconds to generate a quote for your yard.  From there, sit back and let the professional take care of your leaves.  Add on gutter removal to really get your home set for winter!